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Congratulations On Canned Tomato Processing Machine Deliveried To Shanxi

Our canned tomato processing machine customer's company name of  is Chenfeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. The customer is from Shanxi Province,China. The customer currently has multiple companies. One construction company does infrastructure for rural revitalization, and this company connects some rural revitalization projects. Clients mainly focus on agriculture, doing both infrastructure and some agricultural projects. The government won the bid for the agricultural development project.


The client had a limited budget but wanted a complete solution for diced tomatoes. According to the customer's needs, we have formulated a reasonable tomato diced processing plan for the customer to evaluate and ensure the customer's profit. The canned tomato processing equipment we configure for customers mainly includes: tomato washing, blanching, peeling, dicing, sterilization, canning, capping and other equipment. A customer has a supplier before contacting us, and finally chooses to cooperate with us through investigation and repeated certification of our company's strength.


According to the contract, we completed the production of the customer's canned tomato processing equipment as scheduled, and shipped the equipment to the customer's factory by the designated transportation method according to the customer's requirements. At present, the customer's factory is still under construction. We wish the customer's tomato diced processing equipment to complete the installation as soon as possible and bring the expected benefits to the customer! !

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