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The tomato washing line can washing the mature tomato and have no damage to the tomato surface.Then fast drying the remove the remaining water droplets on the surface of the tomato.Under the impulse of the conveying trough water, the tomatoes follow the water flow to the next process.It is suitable for cherry tomatoes, piccolo tomatoes,black cherry tomato ect various varieties of tomatoes.

Tomato vegetable washing machine features

Tomato Washing Line Process Flow

Tomato water transaport Tomato air bubble washing Tomato brush roller washing Tomato drying Tomato sorting Tomato packaging

The tomato washing line mainly include tomato air bubble washing ,brush roller washing,air drying system and packaging machine.

Tomato vegetable washing machine

The tomato vegetable washing machine uses a bubble generating device to make the tomato in a tumbling state, effectively removing pesticide residues on the surface of the tomato, and cleaning the surface impurities..

Floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank, the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet, and the washed tomatoes are lifted to the next process along with the mesh belt.

The tomato washing machine has the advantages of high cleaning, energy saving, water saving, stable and reliable vegetable washing machine, etc.

Tomato brush washing machine

The tomato keeps moving forward on the running brush,the tomato and the brush rub the dust, impurities, and soil that adhere to the tomato.

At the same time, the countless high-pressure sprinklers on the upper part spray water to achieve the purpose of efficient cleaning.

The tomato enters the next process, and a waste collection tray can also be installed at the bottom of the machine to prevent sewage dander from polluting the ground.

The silk wool is durable, the large cleaning output is washed more cleanly, with a spray device, it is clean and hygienic, and the washing is very thorough.

Solution Details Display
  • Tomato Delivery To Factory

  • Tomato Water Transport

  • Tomato Air Bubble Washing

  • Tomato Spraying Washing

  • Immature Tomato Picking

  • Tomato Vibration Filter

Tomato Air drying machine

The tomato air drying machine can be directly packed after dewatering, and the air drying machine can realize continuous operation. The cleaned tomatoes pass through the conveyor belt, and the airflow generated by the air dryer is sprayed out through the nozzle. The drying air temperature is normal temperature, and the air dryer effectively protects the color and quality of the tomatoes themselves.

Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, frequency conversion speed control, air dryer running smoothly, small size and high efficiency.

Tomato sorting machine

The tomato sorting machine rotates through the double helix to drive the rollers on the grading bed to move forward in parallel, and gradually increase the gap between the rollers, so as to reach the corresponding size of the tomatoes, and make the tomatoes from the rollers between the rollers. The gap falls on the fruit conveyor belt to complete the fruit selection.

Tomato heat shrinking machine

The tomato heat shrink packaging machine adopts automatic equipment, and the packaging speed of tomatoes is faster than the previous manual. One machine can hold 4 people, which saves manpower and saves materials than manual bag packaging.

Tomato vegetable washing machine features
  • 304 stainless steel

    The tomato vegetable washing machine with 304 food grade Stainless steel material , it not only have no harm to human body,but also corrosion resistant, strong and durable.

  • Fully automatic

    The complete tomato washing line is PLC control fully automatic , high efficiency, save labor cost.

  • Save water

    The waste residue generated in the tomato washing process is filtered by a special water tank, and the filtered water will be recycled.

Equipment Advantage

Tomato Washing And Packaging Line

The tomato washing line have a special water tank to filter the impurities that are washed away.Reduces the oily degree of the water,greatly improves the recycling rate of the washing water.

Unique water flow conveying design,no damage to tomatoes skin, greatly improve the transport work efficiency.

Simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.

The bubble shock wave principle can wash the surface of tomatoes, effectively kill harmful bacteria and decompose residual pesticides.

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