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The small tomato ketchup production line can clean, crush, and pulp (peel and remove seeds) the red ripe tomatoes, then concentrate, fill, and sterilize them to obtain tomato ketchup commonly found in fast food restaurants such as McDonald's.

Small Ketchup Production Line features

Complete Ketchup Production Line Process Flow

Tomato Washing Air Drying Tomato pre heating Tomato crushing Tomato pulping Ketchup cooking Ketchup filling Packaged ketchup sterilization

The complete small ketchup production line mainly include tomato washing ,drying , crushing, pulping,cooking,packaging and pasteurization.The specific machines are as follows.

Tomato Picking Belt

First of all, we need to pick tomatoes to remove rot, insect eyes and immature tomatoes, so as to ensure the pure taste of the finished product; the length of the picking belt can be determined according to the number of operators you have.

Tomato Washing Machine with drying

Tomato washing machine is also called tomato floating washing machine, which uses water power to transport tomatoes to the next process. Under the impulse of the conveying trough water, the tomatoes follow the water flow to the next process. It is equipped with a spray cleaning device. The ingenious double-layer design makes the sand and gravel settle to the bottom layer and drain away.

Tomato crushing machine

Tomato crushing machine is necessary in the tomato ketchup production line to crush whole tomatoes into lumps with2-5mm. Due to the complete airtightness of the cavity, the sanitary condition is better than that of the general crusher, and the noise is low.

Solution Details Display
  • Tomato Washing

  • Tomato Drying

  • Tomato Crushing

  • Tomato Pulping

  • Ketchup Cooking

  • Ketchup Packaging

Tomato pulp making machine

The tomato pulp making machine is mainly used for extracting the pulp and separating the seeds and peel such as tomatoes after crushing and pre-cooking, so that the pulp and juice are separated from other parts. It is more convenient for the concentration of the tomato ketchup and the completion of other subsequent processes.

Tomato ketchup cooking pot

The tomato ketchup cooking jacketed pot is heated in stages and electrically heated. It has a stirring function. It can mix the salt, sugar, vinegar, starch, etc. you add evenly, and it can also prevent the pan phenomenon during the heating process. The heating time and the specific materials added need to be determined according to your final product.

Tomato ketchup filling machine

The tomato ketchup filling machine is suitable for liquid/sauce types: such as ketchup, chili sauce, jam, hot pot base, peanut butter, bean paste, etc. The automatic sauce packaging machine will play different roles in different industries.The measurement accuracy is high, the efficiency is fast, and the material is not broken.

Packaged Tomato ketchup water bath pasteurizer machine

The working process of the tomato ketchup pasteurization machine is roughly as follows: pour the packaged tomato ketchup bag into the sterilization frame, sterilize it with "high temperature water as the medium", and then put it into the cooling frame for uniform cooling, so as to achieve the product sterilization effect.

Equipment Advantage

Complete Ketchup Production Line

Product precision: The chief engineer has 20 years of tomato ketchup industry experience and the factory has 13 years of tomato ketchup project experience.

Fast production: Strictly abide by the contract time limit and do not delay the customer's one-day delivery.

High quality: efficient team management, clear division of labor, more than 50% of the five-year experienced employees, to ensure that the tomato ketchup project has a very high right rate.

One-stop: Provide one-stop tomato ketchup solutions and production and installation services.

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