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The small scale tomato sauce making machine is our latest small tomato sauce manufacturing plant developed according to the needs of customers, suitable for small tomato farmers who want to start a tomato sauce business as newer. Through this tomato sauce making machine, they can directly process the fresh tomatoes picked from the farm into small bags of tomato sauce that can directly face consumers.

Tomato Sauce Making Machine

Complete Ketchup Production Line Process Flow

Tomato Washing Air Drying Tomato pre heating Tomato crushing Tomato pulping Ketchup cooking Ketchup filling Packaged ketchup sterilization

The tomato sauce making machine mainly includes tomato washing machine, air drying equipment, tomato crushing machine, tomato pulping machine, tomato pulp cooking pot, tomato paste hot filling machine, tomato paste sterilization machine. Each tomato sauce processing equipment is connected with the pipeline through a screw pump.

Tomato washing and drying machine

The tomato spray forest bubble cleaning machine uses the bubble shock wave principle to wash the surface of the tomato and improve the work efficiency by more than 50%.

Tomato washing machine is equipped with a cutting board to effectively isolate the tomatoes from the washed sediment, reduce the turbidity of the water, greatly improve the recycling rate of the washing water, and save 80% of the tomato washing water.

The cleaned tomatoes are equipped with air-drying equipment during the lifting stage, and the excess water on the surface of the tomatoes is quickly dried during the lifting process to improve the efficiency of the subsequent processing of the tomatoes.

Tomato crushing machine

The tomato crushing machine can crush tomatoes and other pre-cooked and softened nuts, fruits and vegetables into blocks with a particle size of 5-8mm, and the production capacity is 1-5t/h. Because the cavity is completely sealed, the sanitary conditions are better than those of ordinary crushers, and the noise is low.

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  • Tomato Washing

  • Tomato Drying

  • Tomato Crushing

  • Tomato Pulping

  • Ketchup Cooking

  • Ketchup Packaging

Tomato pulp making machine

The tomato pulp making machine is used to separate the tomato pulp from the peel and other berries, so that the pulp, juice, etc. are separated from other parts, which is convenient for the concentration of the juice and the completion of other subsequent production. The tomatoes are pre-cooked and crushed before pulping, which can retain the original color of the tomatoes and increase the meat yield of the tomatoes!

Tomato sauce Jacketed pot

The tomato sauce jacketed pot has a stirring function. It will be stirred while the tomato paste is being boiled. The tomato ketchup cooking pot will not stick to the pot, and if you need to add salt, sugar, or other seasonings, it can be stirred evenly. High-temperature heating has a sterilization function. The ketchup cooking pot is the core equipment of the tomato sauce making machine and reduces the investment in the whole ketchup equipment.

Tomato sauce filling machine

According to customer needs, we can provide different tomato sauce filling machines in bags, bottles, tin cans, etc. According to the customers we have worked with before, the most popular one is bagged tomato sauce. Here is an introduction to the tomato sauce packaging machine.

The tomato sauce filling machine is a filling machine for filling high-viscosity materials. It can fill ketchup and tomato sauce. Its structure is simple and reasonable, high precision, easy to operate, and humanized design is more in line with tomato sauce Filling requirements.

Packaged tomato sauce sterilization machine

The semi-automatic bagged tomato sauce pasteurization machine is an indispensable water bath equipment for tomato sauce , pasteurization, steaming and other deep processing pre-processing. The heating method can be steam heating or electric heating. It is a highly targeted and professional tomato paste pasteurization and cooking equipment on the market.

Equipment Advantage

Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Plant

SUS 304 stainless steel material, the entire tomato sauce production process is safer and more hygienic.

Customized service, which can be designed according to the customer's specific tomato processing capacity.

The tomato sauce making machine has a wide range of applications, in addition to tomatoes, it is also suitable for the processing of strawberry, blueberry, and other berry jams.

According to the latest research and development of small tomato farmers, it is suitable for small-scale tomato paste production and is ready to start a new business of tomato sauce production equipment.

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