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Tomatoes are bright in color, sweet and sour, delicious in meat, thin and juicy, and rich in nutrients. The dried tomato processing line can dry the fresh tomatoes harvested in the season. The dried tomatoes will not change the original flavor and nutrients of the fruit, and the dried tomato slices are easier to store. Tomatoes have more water content and smooth and tight skin. The traditional drying method is inefficient to dry tomatoes and is not suitable for large tomato processing manufacturers. Let me take a new type of air energy drying equipment as an example to show you the tomato drying process.

Dried Tomato Processing Line Features

The production and drying process of dried tomatoes:

Tomato raw materials selection, sorting washing cutting blanching loading and drying dried products softening packaging

Selection of raw materials: select tomatoes with moderate size, smooth surface without scars, bright red skin, and similar maturity. Eliminate tomatoes with insufficient maturity, diseases and insect pests, and rotten and unqualified tomatoes

Tomato washing: the selected tomatoes are bubble cleaned to get rid of surface dust and bacteria;

Tomato blanching and peeling: Put the washed tomato fruit in boiling water for about 1 minute, then cool it immediately, and lift the conveying juice flat roller brush to peel the tomato.

Tomato slicing or cutting: According to the shape of the final product,the peeled tomatoes are sliced ​​or diced using a tomato slicer;

Tomato slice drying: spread the cut tomato slices or tomato cubes on a tray, put them in the air energy heat pump drying room, and start the drying process. Set the tomato drying temperature to 45~65℃, select the continuous dehumidification mode, and dry the tomato moisture to 18%.

Packaging of tomato slices: The dried tomato slices or tomato cubes are pushed out of the drying box and packaged after a period of time to return to moisture. We recommend using a multi-head weigher full-automatic packaging machine for packaging, which can protect the dried tomato slices from breaking during the packaging process, and the packaging weight is more accurate.

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Equipment Advantage

Dried Tomato Processing Line Advantages:

Integrated design, saving installation costs, plug-in can be used, more efficient;

304 food grade stainless steel material to ensure the safety and sanitation during tomato processing;

It can be connected to a mobile phone for remote control, and the temperature and humidity changes of the tomato in the drying box can be observed in real time for flexible adjustment;

Low-temperature drying technology reduces the loss of tomato nutrients, retains the original flavor and color of the tomato, and can be eaten after rehydration throughout the year, enhancing the added value of the tomato.

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