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The tomato washing line is used to clean the dust on the surface of fresh tomatoes picked from the farm, and then air-dry, grade, and pack. It is suitable for cleaning packaging and distribution centers in large-scale tomato farms. After cleaning and packaging, tomatoes are sold to local large supermarkets, fruit shops and other retail channels. This is the best way for tomato farmers to increase the added value of tomatoes! !

Tomato Washing Line features

Tomato Washing Line Process Flow

Tomato water transaport Tomato air bubble washing Tomato brush roller washing Tomato drying Tomato sorting Tomato packaging

The whole tomato washing line is composed of tomato bubble washing machine, tomato brush washing machine ,tomato de-watering machine, tomato sorting machine, tomato packaging machine, and is linked by lifting equipment and conveyor belt to transport tomatoes.

Tomato floating washing machine

Tomato washing machine, also known as tomato floating washing machine, is a new type of washing machine specially designed according to the characteristics of tomatoes and other berries. It uses fence tubes instead of traditional mesh belts, which can make mud, sand and stones fall to the bottom through the gaps between the fence tubes. And to reduce the contact area with tomatoes, to maximize the cleaning of tomatoes.

The tomato washing machine is made of SUS304 material and uses water as the medium. Under the action of the air pump, the water in the pool rolls and can wash the tomatoes repeatedly.

The transmission speed of the equipment mesh belt is adjustable. For tomatoes that float during cleaning, a spray device can be added to the upper end of the cleaning tank to perform high-pressure washing and pressure float on the floating tomatoes.

While tomato washing , spray pipes and nozzles are added to the upper part of the mesh belt, and the high-pressure water pump is used for circulating spraying to wash the tomatoes twice. The nozzle is a detachable nozzle for easy washing and preventing clogging. The nozzle angle can be adjusted to wash the tomatoes more effectively.

Tomato brush washing machine

The tomato brush washing machine is mainly used for seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as tomato harvest time is short, and more efficient equipment production is required. The tomato washing machine is automatically and continuously cleaned, the cleaning efficiency is high, and the water saving rate is as high as 70%, forming an assembly line operation . The tomato washing line is clean, with large cleaning capacity, high production efficiency, saving labor, saving time and effort.

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  • Tomato Delivery To Factory

  • Tomato Water Transport

  • Tomato Air Bubble Washing

  • Tomato Spraying Washing

  • Immature Tomato Picking

  • Tomato Vibration Filter

Tomato de-watering machine

The tomato de-watering machine uses a large air volume and low noise fan to dry naturally, which can effectively protect the color and quality of the tomato itself. The tomato de-watering machine is designed for multiple turning and conveying, and there is a reverse wind device to prevent the dead angle of drying. The tomato de-watering machine has a good drying effect. The equipment adopts frequency conversion conveying, and the speed is adjustable. The conveying is stable.

The tomato de-watering machine can effectively removes water droplets on the surface of tomatoes, greatly shortens the preparation work for grading and packing, is suitable for assembly line operation, and improves the degree of automation of enterprise production.

Tomato sorting machine

The tomato sorting machine rotates through the double helix to drive the rollers on the grading bed to move forward in parallel, and gradually increase the gap between the rollers, so as to reach the corresponding size of the tomatoes, and make the tomatoes from the rollers between the rollers. The gap falls on the fruit conveyor belt to complete the fruit selection.

Tomato heat shrinking machine

The tomato heat shrink packaging machine adopts automatic equipment, and the packaging speed of tomatoes is faster than the previous manual. One machine can hold 4 people, which saves manpower and saves materials than manual bag packaging.

Equipment Advantage

Tomato washing line

Quickly clean and air dry, one-button operation is convenient and quick without hurting the tomatoes.

Support non-standard customized equipment, support the whole plant assembly line customization to provide program planning.

Automatic lifting, improving work efficiency. During the tomato washing process, the conveyor belt automatically lifts tomatoes, which replaces manual labor, which is convenient and quick.

High-pressure water flow washing, the water flow of the high-pressure water pump washes the tomatoes, which are gradually moved to the conveyor belt under the push of water, and are lifted out of the inner tank.

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