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The tomato paste manufacturing plant can making the red mature tomatoes into aspetic drum tomato paste,it not only retain the more original tomato taste, 100% no additive,but also easy to storage and transport.We can sell tomato paste into the small tomato ketchup factory and we can also use tomato paste to manufacturing the tomato ketchup to rich our final products.

Equipment Characteristics

Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant Process Flow

Washing Pre-heating Crushing Pulping Concentrating Sterilizing Filling

Tomato bubble washing machine

Tomato bubble washing machine is also called tomato floating washing machine. It is equipped with a spray cleaning device. Under the impulse of the conveying trough water, the tomatoes follow the water flow to the next process.The ingenious double-layer design makes the sand and gravel settle to the bottom layer and drain away.

Tomato pre-heating machine

Before crushing the tomato ,we need to pre-heating them,pour the washed and water removed tomatoes into boiling water and blanch them for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the pulp to facilitate crushing and pulping.

Tomato crushing machine

Tomato crushing machine is suitable for crushing berries such as tomatoes. It can also crush pre-cooked and softened tomatoes, with a crushing particle size of 5-8mm.At the same time, it finished the tomato crushing at a complete airtightness of the cavity, the sanitary condition is better than that of the general crusher, and the noise is low.

Crushed tomato buffer tanks

It can temporary buffer 5000l crushed tomato have any harm to human body.Due to the 304 food grade stainless steel material.

Tomato pulp making Machine

The tomato pulp making machine is suitable for the separation of tomato pulp residue after crushing and pre-cooking. The first channel is coarse pulping, and the second channel is fine pulping. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, high pulp yield, fast separation speed, large production capacity, and good stability.

Finished Product Display

Tomato Paste Vacuum Continuous Evaporator

The tomato paste vacuum continuous evaporator is suitable for continuous evaporation of tomato ketchup and other fluid materials under vacuum and low temperature conditions to achieve the effect of concentrating into tomato paste.

Tomato paste UHT sterilizer

This tomato paste UHT integrates heating, sterilizing, cooling and heat recycling, it can reflect the real production data. The four-layer casing structure is adopted, in which the heat medium or the refrigerant is distributed on the inner and outer layers, and the material liquid passes through the middle layer.

The inner and outer layers are heated or cooled, and the heat exchange area is large; the large specific heat capacity of water ensures stable and uniform sterilization temperature and good sterilization effect ; Using PLC automatic control, the sterilization temperature parameters can be set freely according to different materials.

Aseptic Bag in Drum Filling Machine

Aseptic packaging of concentrated tomato paste and other fluids, the product can be stored for more than one year under normal temperature conditions, which can save the cost and risk of low-temperature refrigeration transportation.

Equipment Advantage

Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant

Unique water flow conveying design,it can not only greatly improve the transport work efficiency,but also not damage to the tomato skin.

The scope of application is wide, and the tomato paste processing plant is also suitable for the production of chili sauce.

Adopt CIP cleaning system, is no need to dismantle the tomato paste manufacturing plant pipeline, easy to clean and maintain,reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

The two-effect concentrator evaporates at the same time, we can use the secondary steam, and the total energy consumption is reduced compared with the single-effect concentrator.

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