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Tomato Fruit Bubble Washing Machine For Vegetables Cleaning

Model GGXM800
Capacity 400kg/h
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 1600*850*800

The tomato washing machine mainly use air bubble and spraying water to cleaning the tomato vegetable surface,no harm to the red ripe tomato surface.The tomato washing machine also called tomato floating washing machine,it replace the mesh belt conveyor in the water tank with a fence plate or a mesh plate, which can sink rocks and remove large-scale debris, and ensure the purity of the discharged material. At the same time, a high-pressure fan can be added after the secondary spraying of the lifting part. The tomato fruit washing machine can effectively remove the surface moisture to ensure the requirements of the next tomato process.

tomato washing machine.jpg

Technical Parameters
Tomato Washing MachinePower(KW)Size(mm)Capacity(KG/H)Weight(KG)Roller Size(mm)

Here is our tomato washing machine testing in our factory youtube video for your reference!!


Tomato Washing Machine Advantages

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Tomato washing Machine Features

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