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Tomato Sauce Tunnel Pasteurizer Machine For Bolttled Tomato Juice Sauce


In tomato juice beverages, tomato paste, tomato sauce condiments and other industries, water bath pasteurization is required for some packaged tomato products. The packaged tomato products are placed on a speed-adjustable stainless steel mesh belt, and then enter the pasteurization box in sequence under the action of the conveyor belt. , so as to meet the pasteurization requirements of tomato products.


The tomato sauce tunnel pasteurizer machine adopts circulating hot water pasteurization and circulating warm water pre-cooling, and then uses cooling water to spray and cool the three-stage treatment form. It has the advantages of automatic control of pasteurization temperature and stepless adjustment of pasteurization time.

The tunnel pasteurizer is mainly used for atmospheric pasteurization of various bottled, canned beverages and canned fruits and vegetables.

Packed in polyester bottles, tea beverages and fruit juice beverages are cooled after filling, as well as warm bottles for carbonated beverages and beer.

Technical Parameters

1. High degree of automation, using PLC automatic touch screen control;

2. The heating and cooling speed is fast, and the sterilization effect is quickly achieved;

3. Hot water can be recycled for next sterilization, with high heat recovery efficiency and low energy consumption;

4. During sterilization, the direction of the hot water can be changed to make the sterilization temperature evenly distributed;

5. The elements that contact the body and tomato products are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and the equipment meets the requirements of food hygiene;



1. The environmental protection temperature sensor Pt has high measurement accuracy, up to soil 05°C

2. Solid conical wide-angle nozzle, the flow distribution is uniform and stable, and the temperature field is constant;

3. The equipment rack is made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, and the appearance is hygienic and beautiful;

4. High-quality plastic mesh belt chain plate, can work under high temperature for a long time (

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