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Spain Canned Tomato Processing Machine

Our client is from Spain and is in the packaging business. The client is a middleman looking for canned tomato processing machine for his own client. The final product for the Spanish client is a canned tomato mixed with tomato paste, diced tomato and other fried vegetables. The local name of the finished product is: Ratatouille.


The customer currently has its own packaging equipment and other tomato processing equipment, and wants to extend it on the basis of the original equipment. The customer needs equipment that is not associative and wants to automate, and the customer has no drawings. According to the needs of customers, we have configured tomato washing machines, tomato conditioning belts, tomato elevators, tomato dicing machines, tomato colloid mills, jacketed pots, tunnel spray equipment, and customized weighing devices.


The customer's demand for canned tomato processing equipment is relatively urgent. According to the customer's requirements for the delivery time, we have established a professional team, and coordinated with managers, engineers, and procurement of resources from all aspects, so as to shorten the lead time for Spanish customers as much as possible. Now the production of canned tomato processing equipment for Spanish customers has been completed as scheduled. At present, the customer's canned tomato processing equipment is being installed. I wish the customer's canned tomato processing equipment to be put into operation as soon as possible and bring expected benefits to Spanish customers! !

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