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How To Make Tomato Soup In Factory?

The soft, tangy tomato soup can be used with grilled cheese sandwiches, breads and more and is no less popular in the market than other tomato-based products. Making tomato soup in the factory requires professional canned tomato processing equipment. Combined with the subsequent tomato soup cooking equipment, delicious tomato soup can be made. Do you know the specific process of making tomato soup in the factory?

1. Choose fresh and ripe tomatoes, pick out the bad fruit with insect eyes and rot, and then ensure the quality and taste of tomato juice;

2. The selected tomatoes are passed through a bubble cleaning machine to remove pesticide residue dust and other impurities on the surface;

3. The cleaned tomatoes are elevated to a blanching machine for high temperature blanching, so that the skin of the tomatoes can be separated from the pulp, and on the other hand, the consistency of the tomato soup can be improved;

4. Tomato blanching cannot completely remove the skin of the tomato. It is necessary to use a flat roller brush to rub and peel the blanched and softened tomato;

5. In order to ensure the peeling effect of tomatoes, you can also choose to configure a double-layer manual picking belt to manually assist the peeling of incompletely peeled tomatoes;

6. After the tomatoes are peeled, they need to pass through the tomato dicing machine and the beater, work at the same time, and connect them through pipes;

7. In order to achieve the unique flavor of tomato soup, it is generally necessary to add diced onion, butter, sugar, salt and pepper to the mixing tank, and heat and stir evenly with the diced tomatoes and tomato juice coming in from the pipe.

8. Put the tomato soup in a can and seal it well.

The above is the detailed production process of tomato soup in the factory, and it is also the processing process of canned tomato (no need to add diced onion, butter, sugar, salt, pepper, etc.), if you want to start a canned tomato or tomato soup processing business, please feel free to Contact us online for a free quote! !

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