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Tomato Paste Production Line Price

We are a professional tomato paste processing machine manufacturer, the tomato paste production line price manufactured by our factory ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The final price of a tomato paste production line mainly depends on your requirements for the tomato paste processing technology and your requirements for the tomato processing volume per hour.

First of all, from the processing technology of tomato sauce, different processing technology determines the diversity of finished products. A more perfect processing technology of tomato sauce can improve the profit space and anti-risk ability of enterprises in the later stage.

General tomato paste processing flow:

Raw fruit → receiving → lifting → washing fruit → checking fruit → crushing → preheating and deactivating enzymes → beating → peeling, refining → vacuum concentration → sterilization → filling and sealing.

According to the diverse needs of customers for finished tomato sauce, some customers also need to prepare tomato sauce into sachets or bottles. Based on this demand, it is also necessary to configure pure water system, hot water generation system, high-speed dissolving system, stirring system , degassing, homogenization, sterilization, filling and capping, tunnel sterilization and cooling, drying, coding and other equipment.

tomato processing flow chart in factory.jpg

Configuring different ketchup processing technology requires different equipment to support, so it is an important factor affecting the price of ketchup production line.

Secondly, whether to choose a compact tomato paste production line or a large-scale tomato paste production line is another key factor affecting the price of the tomato paste production line. Not only the price of the ketchup production equipment itself, but also the pre-equipment/factory land, and the cost of project approval.

Our tomato paste production line can process 200kg-5000kg of fresh tomatoes per hour. And we can also provide you with customized solutions for tomato paste production lines according to your tomato throughput per hour.

If you happen to have a plan to start a tomato paste processing business, please feel free to contact us online, we will provide you with a detailed quotation of the tomato paste production line! !

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