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How Much Is a Small Tomato Paste Production Line

A small tomato paste production line price at least tens of thousands of dollars, ranging from 20,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars according to different configurations. The small tomato paste production line price is relatively low, the initial investment is small, and the operation is simple, which is very suitable for customers who are new to ketchup processing.


The small tomato paste production line mainly include tomato conveying, tomato washing, tomato de-watering, tomato pre-heating, tomato crushing, tomato pulping, tomato puree cooking, tomato paste sachet filling and packing.It can process 200-500 kg fresh tomato per hour.The small tomato paste production line is compact structure and small footprint, with competitive price ,low cost. But is can meet the tomato paste processing for the small tomato paste business.So it is the most popular tomato paste processing machine.


We also support tomato paste sterilization machine,homogenizer machine for tomato paste ,tomato paste vacuum concentrator,tomato sauce tunnel pasteurizer machine ect professionals tomato processing machine.These machine is optional for the tomato paste production line.But if you need, it is also the factors affects the small tomato paste production line price.

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