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The tin canned tomato processing line for whole and cut tomatoes, from the receipt of raw materials to the packaging and palletizing of canned tomatoes. It not only reduces the market risk for tomato growers, but also promotes the diversified development of the industry. Canned tomatoes not only have a huge market in Europe, America and other countries, but the Asian continent also has a lot of market space for development.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C; they are good for our bones, skin and teeth. In addition, they help obtain energy and contribute to the function of the nervous and immune systems. To keep the taste of tomatoes, ketchup is a relatively common form, but various food additives are added to ketchup, which is still very different from the taste of the tomato itself. Canned tomatoes are different, because the canning process is used to fundamentally isolate the contact with the air, which can extend the shelf life without adding any preservatives.

Whole Peeled Tomato Processing Line Features

Tin Canned Tomato Processing Line Process Flow

Tomato washing Tomato manual sorting Tomato peeling Tomato dicing Diced tomato filling Canned Tomato Two-stage sterilization

How are canned tomatoes made?The following are the basic tin canned tomato processing steps to produce high-quality peeled/diced tomatoes:

• Suitable tomatoes are transported to the manual sorting table by flotation;

• Cleaning and manual sorting on the roller belt by personnel;

• Peeling;

• The whole peeled tomatoes are sorted manually on the inspection belt by personnel

• Use a continuous dicing machine to dice the whole peeled tomatoes;

• Drain the diced tomatoes through a vibrating screen device (de-juice);

• Manual or automatic sorting of dice;

• Use screw-type shredder pumps to recover the waste generated by optical and manual sorting, debarkers and debarkers and transport them to the heat exchanger;

• Heat all recycled waste to 90°C in the tube heat exchanger;

• Use a pulper to refine hot waste;

• Concentrate the juice to 8 / 11°Brix;

• According to the customer's instructions, mix the diced tomatoes with the semi-concentrated juice.

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  • Whole Peeled Tomato

  • Diced Tomato Canning

  • Whole Peeled Tomato Canning

To achieve the automation and intelligence level of the canned tomato production line, the relevant canned tomato processing equipment is indispensable. At the same time, related equipment on the tomato canning production line has also benefited from the market. The raw material hoist, washing line, peeling machine, filling machine, can sealing machine, sterilization machine, etc. are all indispensable parts of the assembly line. Improve the level of automated production and reduce the participation of labor. While improving production efficiency, it can also avoid the pollution caused by labor. Tomato washing machine: The tomato washing machine uses the impact force of high-pressure water to push the tomatoes forward, which is hygienic and reliable. It can not only play a cleaning role, but also save electricity.

Tomato washing machine:

Driven by the water in the conveying tank, the tomatoes follow the water flow into the next process. Equipped with spray cleaning device. The ingenious double-layer design allows sand and gravel to settle to the bottom and be discharged.

Tomato peeling machine:

Tomato peeling machine use hot water to remove the skin of tomatoes, and then remove them with a rubber roller (if higher quality products are required, they can be removed by hand).

From here, use positive displacement bulldozers to fill cans and cans. They are weighed (before adding the liquid), sealed, and then sterilized using an autoclave or continuous pasteurizer according to the pH of the liquid.

Manual selection: After peeling, the tomatoes undergo another manual selection, in which the collaborator cannot detect the defects through technology. After that, the selected ones are sent to the packaging line

Tomato filling machine:

Tomatoes are put into the tank through volumetric cans, and the empty container is put into the tank and filled up according to the gram weight of the tank. The cans are manufactured in our metal container factory located in the same factory.

Two-stage sterilization:

the filled cans are placed in a large pasteurization machine under atmospheric pressure, which is equipped with a can rotation device. These machines heat the product to 98°C within a preset time, which varies according to the size of the tank. The core must reach at least 95°C to ensure perfect product pasteurization. In this type of process, a canned rotary pasteurizer must be used, otherwise the heating time will be too long, which will reduce the quality of the finished product.

Finally, the containers are placed in an automatic palletizer for labeling, and bulk goods are prepared and sent to the market.

Whole Peeled Tomato Processing Line Features
Equipment Advantage

Diced Tomato Processing Line Advantages

The process of the whole canned tomato processing line is simple, the investment cost is low, and the market prospect of the finished product is broad;

We can provide customized services according to customer needs, and provide on-site installation, commissioning, and training;

It can narrow the income gap between the low and peak seasons of tomato planting, and improve the stability and sustainability of tomato planting income;

Equipped with a corer, the application range is more extensive, and it can realize the processing of a variety of canned fruits (peach, apricot, hawthorn, etc.), with high cost performance;

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