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300kg/h Tomato Ketchup Production Line Delivery To Oman

Congratulations to our Oman customer’s tomato ketchup production line in our factory as scheduled, and the delivery was completed yesterday. This is a ketchup processing equipment that is customized according to the scale of the Omani customer's tomato sauce business, which can meet customer needs and has a high return on investment! !

The Oman client is a company that manufactures dates, sesame paste and olive oil. It has its own brand and wants to expand its business scope this year. Customers learned through the Internet that we are a tomato processing plant manufacturers.Through communication, we found that the customer is a new business and does not understand the production of tomato sauce, and in the preliminary communication with the customer, the customer is worried about our company's strength.

Through the patient explanation of our professionals, and using the tomato sauce production equipment of our factory, we will test the machine according to the customer's requirements and open the video to the customer. Finally, the customer is impressed by our strength and professional service. Finally choose to cooperate with us.

Last week, our factory has completed the production of the equipment, and has completed the shipment.Wish our Oman customer's ketchup equipment will be put into operation as soon as possible, and bring customers a steady stream of benefits.

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