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300kg/h Small Scale Tomato Sauce Factory Project

Our Somali customer’s tomato ketchup production line is in stock. Today, our Somali customer came to our factory for inspection. This tomato paste factory project for a Somali customer can process 300 kg of tomatoes per hour.

According to our preliminary communication with the customer, the Somali customer has prepared the land for this small tomato paste factory project. This small tomato paste factory project has a compact structure and a small area. It only needs 60-80 square meters of land to meet the equipment. The post-installation and the operation of the project.

At the scene, our professionals showed the customer the pipeline installation work of this small tomato plant project, and carried out a digital identification on each pipeline, so that the customer can find the pipeline and install it according to the installation manual after receiving the equipment. After the installation is complete, the ketchup can be made by turning on the power.

How to make tomato sauce in the factory

Tomato fruit harvest

Our Somali customer is a small tomato farmer himself and needs to pick ripe tomatoes first.

Washing tomato fruits

In view of the characteristics of tomatoes, we replaced the mesh belt in the previous bubble cleaning machine and replaced it with a fence tube, which can make the tomatoes get the greatest degree of cleaning, and facilitate the impurities such as sediment to sink to the bottom through the gap of the fence tube. . The lifting part is specially made of food-grade material PP conveyor belt, and the lifting part is equipped with an air-drying device, which can quickly remove the excess water on the surface of annoying tomatoes.

Tomato preheating

The washed and air-dried tomatoes are preheated, which can retain the original color of the tomatoes and inactivate enzymes.

Tomato crushing

The preheated tomatoes enter the crusher through the lifting device, and the whole tomatoes are crushed into tomato pieces of about 3mm, which is convenient for subsequent operations.

Tomato pulping

The crushed tomato pieces are transported to the tomato beater through the connection between the pipes for further refinement. And the crushed tomatoes are being beaten, which can increase the pulp yield.

Tomato paste concentrated sterilization

This process is one of the most important stages in the ketchup process, and it is also an important reason why Somali customers choose to cooperate with us. It not only saves a lot of equipment expenses for Somali customers, but also the equipment is simple and easy to operate.

After getting the tomato puree, it needs to be boiled to remove excess water and have the effect of high temperature sterilization. At the same time, you can add salt, sugar, black pepper, red pepper, nutmeg, onion, garlic and other spices according to the taste of tomato sauce by local market consumers. The equipment has its own mixing function, which can mix the spices you add in evenly without sticking to the pot.

Ketchup hot filling

The ketchup is directly hot-filled, and the packaging form can be customized according to the needs of the corresponding filling machine. Our Somali customers choose small bag packaging. The Somali customers say that this packaged ketchup is dipped in the ketchup in McDonald's The ingredients are the same, and they are all ready-to-eat, so they can directly face local consumers and have very broad market prospects. In response to this customer demand, we are equipped with a paste filling machine.

Sterilize after ketchup

After the ketchup is packaged, it is sterilized in a water bath. Eliminate bacteria on the packaging bag and extend the shelf life of ketchup. After the sterilization is completed, it can be cooled and sold in boxes.

How to realize the tomato sauce production project

This small bag of tomato paste is the most consumed in all households, so commercial sterilization should be used to maintain the quality standards of the thickness, color, smell, nutritional value, consistency, suitability, and sanitary conditions of tomato paste production.

Just like our Somali customers, set up these projects in their own tomato farms or nearby rural areas to ensure access to fresh tomatoes and reduce the time and energy wasted during transportation.

Raw Materials 

Fresh tomatoes 

Project Products 

Ketchup Tomatoes 

Tomato juice

Tomato sauce

Production Line 

Washing with water. 

Picking and Sorting tomatoes. 

Crushing and pulping. 

Filtering of seeds and husk. 

Cooking, packaging, and sterilization. 

Preservation and storage. 


Tomato washing machine. 

Tomato Crsuhing machine. 

Tomato pulping machine. 

Tomato pulp cooking pot

Tomato sauce filling machine

Sachet tomato sauce sterilizer .


This project helps eliminate unemployment, as it provides more than 15 job opportunities Environmental and Health Conditions The appropriate place.

Environment and health

Land approved by the government.

General cleanliness of equipment and location.

Use an automatic ventilation system to maintain temperature and reduce emissions.

The project land needs 60-80 square meters, which can meet the equipment installation and subsequent smooth operation. The equipment needs to be connected with the elevator to ensure the automatic operation of the entire equipment. After the connection with the equipment is completed, it can be operated after connecting the power supply. The voltage and power of the equipment operation can be determined according to the customer’s local area during the equipment production process. The actual needs to be modified.

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