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The small tomato ketchup production line can process 200kg of fresh tomatoes per hour. After the ripe red tomatoes are crushed, pulped, peeled and seeded and other rough and hard substances removed, they can be concentrated, packaged and sterilized to obtain about 60kg of tomato ketchup. The tomato ketchup produced is bright red, retains the unique flavor and nutrients of tomato, and is often used as a condiment for sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, pasta and other things.It is a special seasoning that can be eaten directly.

Tomato Sauce MakinSmall Tomato Ketchup Production Line Featuresg Machine

Small Tomato Ketchup Production Line Working Flow

Tomato washing Tomato drying Tomato crushing Tomato pulping Tomato pulp concentration mixing Tomato ketchup hot filling Tomato ketchup pasteurization

Small tomato ketchup production line needs to be configured, tomato washing and drying machine, tomato crusher, tomato pulper, tomato ketchup jacket pot, tomato ketchup filling machine, water bath pasteurizer. In order to ensure the automatic operation process of the tomato ketchup production line, we will also configure the corresponding pipelines, pumps, buffer tanks, etc. according to customer needs to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

Tomato washing and drying: Tomato washing mainly removes dust, bugs and other attachments on the tomato surface through bubble cleaning + high-pressure spraying, thereby ensuring the positive taste of tomato ketchup;

Tomato crushing: The whole tomato fruit is crushed in a closed environment, and the crushing process does not contact the air, which ensures the color and cleanliness of the tomato ketchup;

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  • Tomato Washing

  • Tomato Drying

  • Tomato Crushing

  • Tomato Pulping

  • Ketchup Cooking

  • Ketchup Packaging

Tomato pulping: the crushed tomatoes enter the tomato pulper through the pipeline to obtain finer tomato pulp (if there is a higher requirement for the fineness of the tomato pulp, the tomato pulp can be further ground by configuring a colloid mill) , the tomato skin and tomato seeds will be automatically discharged to avoid mixing into the tomato pulp to affect the flavor, texture and taste of the tomato ketchup;

Cooking tomato pulp: Tomato pulp contains more water. In order to achieve the consistency and silky taste of tomato ketchup, we also need to cook the obtained tomato pulp in a tomato pulp jacketed pot. The excess water in the tomato pulp is evaporated by high temperature, and it can play the role of high temperature sterilization. The jacketed pot we configure has its own stirring function, which can not only prevent the tomato ketchup from sticking to the pot during the cooking process, but also stir the added seasonings (sugar, salt, citric acid, chili sauce, etc.) evenly.

Canned tomato ketchup: Tomato ketchup can have different packaging forms, the common ones are bagged, bottled, canned, boxed, etc. The common specifications of bagged tomato ketchup are 10g, 30g, 100g, 300g, etc. packaging form. The packaging cost of bagged tomato ketchup is low, and it conforms to the characteristics of tomato ketchup ready-to-eat, so it is currently the most popular form of tomato ketchup packaging. We can provide different forms of tomato ketchup packaging equipment according to customer's packaging needs.

Pasteurization of canned tomato ketchup: The tomato ketchup is packaged by hot canning, which ensures that the canned tomato ketchup will not breed bacteria and prolongs the shelf life of the tomato ketchup. However, the seal or screw cap of the tomato ketchup is a place where bacteria can easily grow, so the packaged tomato ketchup needs to be sterilized in a water bath. The shelf life of water bath sterilized tomato ketchup is up to 6 months! !

Equipment Advantage

Small Tomato Processing Line

Provide customized services for tomato ketchup solutions, which are more in line with the actual needs of customers;

Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, to ensure that the tomato ketchup is more clean and hygienic during processing;

It has great upgrade potential, and can also be used for other sauces such as chili sauce, ginger sauce, garlic sauce after simple transformation;

The small tomato ketchup production line fully considers that the investor can obtain the best production capacity and economic benefits with the smallest equipment investment, which greatly saves the equipment investment and maximizes the input-output ratio;

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