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We are a professional tomato processing plant manufacturer, providing customers with stable operation of small scale tomato ketchup plant(process 100-500KG tomato paste per hour), especially suitable for small scale tomato processing machine, and are favored by customers in Africa or other countries. This small tomato sauce factory has a small footprint, compact structure, low investment, and fast income. It is suitable for small tomato farmers and customers who want to start a new business in tomato sauce!

Small scale tomato ketchup plant features

Complete Ketchup Production Line Process Flow

Tomato washing Tomato De-watering Tomato Crushing Tomato Pulping Tomato ketchup Cooking Ketchup Filling Packaged Ketchup Water Bath Sterilization

The Small scale tomato ketchup plant mainly include tomato preparation parts, tomato processing parts, tomato concentration and sterilization part, tomato ketchup filling and packaging parts ,the four parts include tomato washing machine ,tomato de-watering machine,tomato crushing machine, tomato pulping machine ,tomato ketchup cooking pot,tomato ketchup filling machine, and packaged ketchup hot water bath sterilization machine all of them are connected by pump and pipeline.

Preparation part:

Fresh tomatoes will be received in the receiving section and passed to the fruit washing and grading section.

Tomatoes from the reception will be washed in the washing section to remove external dirt and foreign matter on the peel.

The washed tomatoes will be sent to the inspection and sorting conveyor belt, where unnecessary and damaged tomatoes are manually separated.

Required equipment:

Washing machine (wash tomatoes thoroughly)

Inspection conveyor (for manual inspection and sorting of tomatoes)

Processing part:

The tomato crushing machine can crush tomatoes and other pre-cooked and softened nuts, fruits and vegetables into blocks with a particle size of 5-8mm, and the production capacity is 1-5t/h. Because the cavity is completely sealed, the sanitary conditions are better than those of ordinary crushers, and the noise is low.

Tomato pulp making machine

The washed and graded tomatoes will be transported to the juice extraction and processing unit.

The juice of fresh tomatoes will be extracted in the juice extraction system. The skin, seeds and fibers of the fruit are separated from the extractor and then processed manually.

The extracted juice is heat-treated to avoid quality degradation. It is finely pulped in a pulping machine and a finishing machine to obtain the finished juice.

This juice will be further processed into concentrated juice, which will be concentrated into 12 Brix ketchup, 14 Brix ketchup or 28-30 Brix ketchup.

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  • Tomato Washing

  • Tomato Drying

  • Tomato Crushing

  • Tomato Pulping

  • Ketchup Cooking

  • Ketchup Packaging

Required equipment:

Lift (feeding to the preheating system)

Thermal crushing system (crushing and instant heating of crushed tomatoes to retain pectin)

Pulper (used to remove seeds and obtain fine pulp as output)

Concentrated sterilization part:

In the concentration section, the tomato juice with 5 Brix will be concentrated to 12, 14 or 30 Brix in the jacketed pot. This juice is concentrated to 30 Brix in a jacketed pan to make a paste.

For tomato sauce, the juice is concentrated to 12-14% TS, then mixed with the sugar solution and all spices. The ketchup is then pasteurized, and the pasteurized paste is transferred to a paste storage tank.

Required equipment:

Jacketed pot (used for concentrated sterilization to prepare tomato sauce)

Pasteurization machine (pasteurization of ketchup/sauce/ketchup)

Filling and packaging

Ketchup/Ketchup glass bottle packaging-(rotary bottle washing machine, inspection conveyor belt (semi-automatic), ketchup double/four-head liquid filling machine, bottle cap sealing machine (automatic), labeling machine (automatic))

Paste/concentrated tank packaging-(hot-filling screw pump, tank reformer, tank side sealing machine, tank bottom sealing machine, semi-automatic filling machine, can sealing machine (fixed), capping machine, vacuum tester , Canned food still, steam pipeline, canned food conveyor, self-adhesive labeling machine, labeling station)

Equipment Advantage

Small scale tomato processing machine Advantages

The small scale tomato processing machine is advanced in design, stable and reliable, ensuring the balance of tomato planting income and significant economic benefits.

Customize different capacities according to different needs of customers, with large output, good effect, time-saving, labor-saving, high-efficiency, energy-saving, safety, sanitation and pollution-free.

It can improve labor productivity, stability and quality of tomato sauce, improve working conditions, reduce land area, reduce production costs, and shorten production cycles.

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