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The tomato sauce processing machine can crush, beat, remove the skin and seeds and other hard substances from ripe red tomatoes, then concentrate, canning, and sterilize into bright red sauce.The whole tomato sauce manufacturing process is semi-automatically. It has the unique flavor of tomatoes and is a kind of characteristic. condiment. The basic ingredients of tomato sauce are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, onions, celery and other vegetables are also often added. Tomato sauce is often used as a cooking condiment for fish, meat and other foods. It is a good condiment for color enhancement, acidity, freshness, and fragrance.

The small scale tomato processing machine mainly includes cleaning equipment, lifting equipment, sorting equipment, crushing equipment, pre-cooking equipment, boiling equipment, glass bottle filling machine, bottle washing machine, capping machine, capping machine, pasteurization equipment, drying machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, packing equipment, etc.

Tomato sauce processing features:

Complete Ketchup Production Line Process Flow

Tomato Washing Air Drying Tomato pre heating Tomato crushing Tomato pulping Ketchup cooking Ketchup filling Packaged ketchup sterilization

The semi-automatic tomato sauce manufacturing process are as follows:

Tomato washing equipment, you can use high-pressure spray bubble cleaning machine. The crawler runs through cleaning, the bottom is bubble swelling, the top is high-pressure spray cleaning, double cleaning, clean, does not damage the tomato skin, the output is large, the crawler conveys, saves labor and reduces labor.

• If the surface of the tomatoes harvested from the farm is stained with dirt that is difficult to clean, in addition, a flat roller brush cleaning machine can be added.

Tomato washing equipment, that is, conveyor belt hoist.

Tomato sauce pre-cooking equipment, the tomato sauce cooking pot can be used for small output, and the cooking assembly line can be used for large output.

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  • Tomato Washing

  • Tomato Drying

  • Tomato Crushing

  • Tomato Pulping

  • Ketchup Cooking

  • Ketchup Packaging

• The tomato sauce cooking equipment uses a stir-frying pan. The mixing shaft is divided into fixed shaft and planet; mixing claw has double-headed and multi-headed; automation has automatic and semi-automatic points; the cooking pot body is 600L as the boundary, and there are stamping and spinning. It is a spinning pot body. Heating methods include electromagnetic, electric heating heat transfer oil, gas heating, gas heat transfer oil, steam, alcohol-based fuel heating, etc.

• The tomato sauce pasteurization equipment after packaging can be in the form of a bus sterilization stand-alone machine and a bus sterilization assembly line

Packaged tomato sauce drying equipment, parallel air trunks and overturned air trunks.

Equipment Advantage

Small Scale Tomato Processing Machine Advantages

Tomato washing machine features high cleanliness, saving energy and water, stable and reliable performance.

We can design spraying device, collection channel, and waste conveyor for the roller sorting machine.

Various mesh size options for the fruit pulping machine in the tomato processing plant.

Pasteurizing, concentrating, mixing 3 in 1 machine features small size, simple structure, convenient operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

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