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Small Scale Tomato Ketchup Plant In Zambia

The small scale tomato ketchup plant customer is engaged in the auto parts business in Zambia, South Africa. The customer said that tomato sauce is their local staple food, and people can consume more than 900,000 tons of tomato sauce a year. South Africa is the main area of tomato cultivation in the world. Due to lack of storage facilities and tomato processing plants, about three-quarters of their tomato products are wasted, and tomato sauce is mainly imported.


Based on this background, our Zambian customer wants to introduce tomato ketchup manufacturing process plant to produce ketchup and start ketchup business. The tomato sauce making machine that we configure for Zambian customers can crush, pulp, peel, and remove the hard substances such as locally harvested ripe red tomatoes, and then concentrate, fill, and sterilize them. Mainly include tomato cleaning machine, tomato drying machine, tomato crusher, tomato beater pulp, tomato pulp boil, tomato sauce filling machine, bag tomato paste sterilization machine.


This tomato ketchup production line of a Zambian customer can process 200kg of fresh tomatoes per hour. According to customer feedback, the ratio of raw materials to finished products is about 6:1. Customers can get 33kg (33000g) of finished tomato sauce per hour. The packaging film we configure for our customers is that each bag of tomato sauce has a packaging volume of 50g. Through our tomato sauce packaging machine, we can get 660 bags of tomato sauce packed in small bags per hour. Customers in Zambia work 8 hours a day and can process more than 5,000 sachets a day, and the shelf life is at least 6 months.

Parameter of finished tomato ketchup:

Brix: 18-20, 22-24, 24-26 28-30

Packing: ordinary lid/easy to open

Lycopene: 45mg/100g min

Morning and evening: 2.0 minutes

bostwick: 6-10cm/30sec

ph: 4.2+/-0.2


Total acidity: 9% max


Lead <1.0mg/kg

Cubic <5.0mg/kg


Microorganism: Compliant with commercial sterilization

Customers sell these finished products to local supermarkets and condiment stores to obtain continuous income!!

Here are our Zambia customer tomato ketchup manufacturing process feedback videos for your reference!!

Our ketchup production line is specifically for small ketchup processing customers who want to start a new business. The whole set of equipment has a compact structure, a small area, simple operation and easy to use. Now our Zambian customer has received the equipment and it has also been put into operation. The customer is very satisfied with our equipment, and sent us the following feedback pictures of equipment operation, hoping to help more customers who want to start a new business in ketchup.

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