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Tomato Ketchup Processing Machine In USA

The tomato ketchup processing machine in USA is now an excellent investment period. In addition to being affected by local eating habits in the United States, the current new crown epidemic has also accelerated the emergence of this business opportunity. Our tomato ketchup manufacturing plant can directly process fresh and ripe tomatoes into disposable tomato sauce in small bags. It directly faces the American fast food takeaway supply chain. It is the most effective way to alleviate the shortage of tomato sauce in the United States. And the investment cost is low, the consumer group is stable, and the market potential is great!


First of all, American cooking technology is relatively simple, so Americans rely on the seasoning of sauces when eating, bread will be spread with sauces, fried things must be dipped in sauces, salads must be stirred with sauces, or even made. Sauce should be used in dishes and noodles. Ketchup is bright in color and can arouse people's appetite. Most Americans like to eat some fried foods, like French fries, pizza, fried chicken, hot dogs, pasta and other foods commonly eaten by Americans, you can add ketchup, and it must be in French fries burgers. It needs to be served with tomato sauce.

Secondly, in the United States, the epidemic of new crown pneumonia is still very serious. According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, many restaurants in the United States are now forced to provide takeaway services due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, which has rapidly increased the demand for individually packaged ketchup.

In the United States, more than 97% of households have stocked a lot of tomato sauce, and the United States has caused a large-scale decline in the number of tomatoes due to the epidemic. At this time, the price of ketchup is getting higher and higher, and many Americans say that they can no longer afford ketchup.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a shortage of one-time small packages of tomato sauce, and the price has also increased rapidly. Compared with January last year, the price of tomato sauce has increased by 13%, such as tomatoes from the John Shi fast food chain. The sauce bill went up by half a million dollars. Many restaurants have been reluctant to supply small packages of tomato sauce in limited quantities, and some restaurants have taken the wrong approach to supply them directly with large barrels of tomato sauce. According to this trend, in the future, the American people are likely to pay for the small package of tomato sauce when they choose to take out.


Faced with such a severe situation, this is both a severe challenge and a new opportunity for the local fast food, takeaway and other related food industries in the United States. Our tomato sauce making machine includes tomato washing, sterilization, crushing, beating, boiling, canning, and water bath sterilization. It can process 300kg-1000kg of fresh tomatoes per hour, get 50kg-167kg of tomato sauce finished products, and pack them into separate pouches of 10g-20g, 30g, etc., and through this set of tomato sauce production line you can also Make some 220L sterile vat tomato paste to produce tomato sauce ketchup. The equipment has a small footprint and can be flexibly matched, which can quickly alleviate the shortage of small-package tomato sauce.


If you want to start the tomato sauce business or tomato sauce ketchup business plan in USA, please feel free to contact us online anytime. According to your needs, we will provide you with professional customized solutions and free quotations to help you get the profit of tomato sauce processing as soon as possible!

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