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Small Scale Tomato Processing Machine Australia

The tomato processing machine australia can process 300kg fresh and ripe tomatoes per hour harvested from the Australian tomato farm into tomato sauce, and can add mustard and onion powder according to the local taste preference of Australia to increase the unique flavor of the tomato sauce.


Australia grows tomatoes throughout the year, and peak production is reached in winter. Australian tomatoes are mostly grown in the open air, soaked in sufficient sunshine in Australia, and enjoy high-quality water and soil. The tomato that grows out has more lycopene, and the soluble solid content is about 5%, so the processed tomato sauce is more rich and delicious, smooth and smooth.

The tomato processing machine australia is mainly for small Australian tomato farmers. The whole set of equipment includes tomato picking, cleaning, air drying, crushing, beating, boiling, canning, and water bath sterilization.

Tomato picking: picking out worm-eye, rotten and immature tomatoes during the tomato transportation process, so as to ensure the quality of the tomato products.

Tomato washing and air drying: The double cleaning function of air bubble + spraying is used to completely remove other impurities such as dirt and dust on the surface of the tomato. The tomato air drying device is equipped during the lifting process. It can quickly air-dry the surface of tomatoes to participate in moisture, which improves the efficiency of subsequent processing of tomatoes.

Tomato crushing: crushing the washed and air-dried tomatoes into 3-5mm diced tomatoes can not only increase the pulp yield of tomatoes, but also facilitate pre-heat treatment;

Tomato pulping: pulping the preheated diced tomatoes;


Tomato sauce machine australia: The consistency of tomato pulp is far from the market demand, so we need to boil the tomato pulp further, which can not only make the tomato pulp thicker, but also have a sterilization effect. If you have unique requirements for the flavor of tomato sauce ketchup , you can also add the corresponding seasonings. Our tomato sauce machine australia has its own stirring function to ensure that the tomato sauce will not be stuck during the production process.

Tomato sauce ketchup filling: The cooked tomato sauce ketchup is hot filled with a semi-automatic paste filling machine;

Sterilization of bagged tomato sauce: For packaged tomato sauce in small bags, generally we also need to perform water bath sterilization to improve the shelf life of tomato sauce. After sterilization, the shelf life of tomato sauce is 6 months.


If you also want to start the tomato sauce ketchup business in Australia small scale ,welcome to contact us freely ,we can support you the customize tomato processing solution according to your specific request!!

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