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How To Set Up A Tomato Processing Plant

To set a tomato processing plant, we must first complete the overall layout of the tomato processing plant, supporting various tomato cultivation facilities, power supply, water supply and drainage, roads, post-harvest processing, transportation, and planning of office and rest areas.

In addition to the above planning for the establishment of a tomato processing plant, it is first necessary to clarify what kind of tomato products we will process fresh tomatoes into through this tomato processing plant? Tomato processing refers to the process of processing fresh tomatoes to produce processed tomato products using the processing techniques and methods of the food industry.

Ripe tomatoes can be processed into different tomato products, such as tomato sauce, preserved tomato, tomato juice, canned tomato, tomato powder and so on. The supporting equipment of the tomato processing plant is different for different finished products. According to the specific needs of customers, we can provide customers with customized tomato processing plants. Take the tomato paste processing plant as an example, we need to configure tomato processing equipment such as tomato cleaning machine, air dryer, preheater, crusher, beater, sterilization thickener, packaging machine and so on.

Secondly, to establish a tomato processing plant, we need to choose a suitable tomato base. The construction of a processing tomato base is an important link to ensure the quality and yield of processed tomatoes. According to the quantity and standards of processed tomatoes, a suitable environment should be selected to build a production base of processed tomatoes.

The following points should be considered when choosing a tomato processing plant:

Test the environmental conditions of the tomato processing plant, including air, water and soil, and measure it according to the tomato planting standard with a solid content of 4%, and the test indicators must meet the specified requirements;

Inspect the topography, landform and soil condition of the base;

Measure traffic conditions, water conservancy conditions, power supply, etc.;

Investigate the production technology level of farmers in the area where the base is to be constructed;

Estimated investment income.

Based on the above factors, determine whether the area is suitable for the construction of a production base for processing tomatoes, and if it is suitable, make a plan and start the construction of a tomato processing plant.

Finally, to establish a tomato processing plant, it is necessary to plan in advance the equipment installation layout and pipeline direction in the plant. Suggestions for the tomato processing plant are as follows:

The area is not less than 1100 square meters, the net height of the workshop is not less than 4.5 meters, and the ventilation is good. There is no less than 300 square meters of open space outdoors and well ventilated places can be used.

There shall be no unhealthy environment that can pollute food around the factory and warehouse. The same factory shall not concurrently sell other products that hinder food hygiene.

The production area and living area of the factory should be separated. The building layout of the production area should be reasonable.

Plants and warehouses should be greened, roads should be flat and free of stagnant water, and main passages should be paved with cement, asphalt or stones to prevent dust from flying.

Factory sewage discharge should comply with national environmental protection requirements.

Factory toilets should be equipped with flushing and hand-washing equipment, and anti-flies and insect-proof facilities. The wall skirt should be built with white tiles, and the ground should be easy to clean and disinfect, and kept clean.

Garbage and waste materials should be stacked in places far away from food processing workshops and must be cleaned up or disposed of on the same day.

Workshop treatment requires anti-corrosion and anti-mildew treatment on the ground (epoxy resin treatment), drainage slope 3 -5%o

The ceiling, walls, doors and windows of the workshop should be painted with non-toxic light-colored paint that is easy to clean and disinfect, and is not easy to fall off

The workshop is well-lit, well-ventilated, and the ground is level and clean. There should be facilities for washing hands, disinfection, anti-flies and insects, and anti-rodent measures. It must be equipped with workbenches, tools and trolleys that are easy to clean, disinfect, and corrosion-resistant that are compatible with the production capacity. Ban bamboo and wooden utensils.

There must be a dressing room (with wardrobe for each person) connected to the workshop and suitable for the number of production personnel, toilets and workshop lounges. The workshop is equipped with hand-washing and disinfection facilities that can be switched on and off by hands.

There should be a shower room connected to the workshop, and a boot, shoe disinfection pool and hand washing equipment should be installed in the workshop.

If you have any questions about the plant planning and equipment installation of the tomato processing plant, we also provide on-site installation and commissioning training services for professional engineers. Ensure the smooth operation of your tomato processing equipment. Want to start a tomato processing business? Feel free to leave a message with us to get a cost of setting up a tomato processing plant!

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