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Tomato Sauce Processing Machine Feedback From Zambia Customer

In the last article, we mentioned the background of the Zambian customer's tomato sauce/ketchup processing business, and briefly mentioned the customer's tomato sauce processing process. Through continuous follow-up with Zambian customers, the customer gave us feedback that pepper, garlic, potassium sorbate (sodium benzoate), and other ingredients were mainly added in the tomato sauce cooking process.

The customer gave us feedback on the ketchup cooking video. Through the video, we can observe that the customer's ketchup is brighter, more delicate and thicker in color.

A picture of the finished ketchup made by a customer in Zambia.


The customer said that during the trial operation stage of the tomato ketchup production line, the packaged tomato sauce samples encountered problems with the shelf life. For this reason, we give the following suggestions to the Zambian customer:

1. The cooling time is not recommended for too long

2. You can start packing after cooling to 80 degrees (and above) to avoid entering new bacteria on the way

3. Cook in boiling water after packing to kill some new bacteria

4. It is recommended to use high temperature resistant packaging film

According to our suggestion, a Zambian customer re-boiled a batch of tomato sauce, replaced the new high-temperature-resistant packaging film, and sterilized it in boiling water for the second time after packaging. This method can meet the customer's requirements for the shelf life of ketchup. At present, the customer's tomato sauce processing machine has been put into use in large-scale tomato production and processing. I wish our Zambian customer's tomato sauce processing business a steady stream of profits.

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