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Nigerian Tomato Sauce Ponch Filling Packing Machine Cases

Our tomato sauce pouch packing machine customers are from Nigeria, Lagos. In the local water processing business, consult our sauce pouch packing machine to start a new tomato sauce/ketchup packaging and processing business. The customer reported that the local area is rich in tomatoes, and they want to develop a small-scale tomato paste processing business locally through tomato sauce filling machines and simple tomato sauce processing machine.


Nigerian customers require 200g tomato sauce/ketchup per bag, the size of the bag is 113*185mm, the voltage requirements are 380v 50hz 3-phase, 220v, 50hz single-phase, according to the needs of customers, we have configured our 350 type packaging machine for customers, and 500kg packaging film is customized according to the customer's packaging needs.

Here is the sauce ponch packing machine youtube packing machine for your reference:

At present, the Nigeria customer has received the ketchup packaging equipment, and the sauce ponch packing machine is in good operation. The Nigeria customer is very satisfied with our ketchup packaging equipment. The following is the feedback that the customer gave us online for reference:


The Nigeria customers are mainly engaged in the packaging business. At present, there are many tomato sauce/ketchup packing businesses. Later, they hope to expand their business scope and develop tomato sauce/ketchup processing business. According to the needs of customers, we recommend our 130 type tomato milling machine to customers, which can be used for small-scale tomato sauce/ketchup processing. The customer said that when the income is stable in the later stage, they will continue to cooperate with us to introduce a larger-scale tomato sauce/ketchup processing equipment.

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