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Semi-Automatic Tomato Ketchup/Sauce Making Machine In Nigeria

Our Nigerian client is engaged in the retail business of goods, the client's company name is: Maama's World and More, and ketchup processing is a new business planned by the client.

The client has been in the import and export business of small commodities in Saudi Arabia for many years, and also made some money, and wants to invest in the food industry in his hometown. She herself learned that in the local market, most tomato pastes are imported from abroad. There are few local food factories, and the tomato sauces on the market are all of the same flavor, so the customer wants to make some special tomato sauces by himself.


However, because the new business faces relatively high risks, the customer chose the semi-automatic tomato ketchup making machine to try it out.


According to the needs of customers, we customized semi-automatic tomato sauce making machine for customers, and provided customers with special recipes for tomato sauce/ketchup processing. At present, the customer's semi-automatic tomato ketchup making machine is running normally, and the customer is very satisfied with the quality of the tomato sauce / ketchup produced by our formula, and highly recognizes the quality and professionalism of our equipment.

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