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Congratulations Tomato Juice Processing Machine Finished Installation

Our tomato juice processing machine customer is from Zhumadian City, Henan Province, China, the company name: Runan Fanshun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Invested by Henan Xinfang Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., it has transferred more than 6,000 mu of land in Pingyu County, Runan County, and Yicheng District of Zhumadian City. It has built more than 800 greenhouses, with a daily output of 300 tons of tomatoes, with an investment of nearly 300 million RMB.



The company integrates the cultivation, processing and sales of high-quality tomatoes, and integrates the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Create 58-day natural ripening "Pan Shun" brand tomatoes, rich in lycopene, but some tomatoes look bad and are not easy to sell. Customers purchase our tomato juice processing production line based on the current need to further process some tomatoes to make derived tomato products. Tomato juice is the first deep processing product.


Customers need small and sophisticated tomato juice processing equipment, we take customers to visit our factory, and actively recommend tomato juice processing solutions to customers, in accordance with the drawings and the layout design of the customer's plant.



The customer requires that 200-300kg of fresh tomatoes be processed into 200L tomato juice per hour, and then canned into a 50ml glass bottle. According to the needs of customers, our engineering team has configured the following tomato sauce processing equipment for customers: tomato picking belt, tomato bubble cleaning machine, tomato crusher, tubular preheater, tomato pulper, tomato colloid mill, filter, Degassing tank, homogenizer, plate sterilizer, filling equipment, spray sterilizer, air dryer, labeling and coding machine and other tomato juice processing equipment.

Here is the tomato juice processing line installation videos feedback from our customer youtube video for your reference:

At present, the customer's tomato juice processing equipment is in the process of installation, and the customer feedback that the installation of the equipment is going well. And sent us a video of the installation of tomato juice processing equipment in the factory. We wish our Zhumadian city customers' tomato juice processing equipment to be installed and put into operation as soon as possible, bringing continuous benefits to customers! !

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