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220L Drum Tomato Paste Aseptic Filling Machine

Model GG
Capacity 1-220L
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 3.2×2m

Tomato paste filling machine uses steam jet method to sterilize the bag mouth and filling room to ensure that the filling room is always in a sterile state. The sterilization, opening, filling and sealing of the aseptic bag mouth are all in an aseptic environment next to complete.1-220L aluminum-plastic composite bag, special filling equipment for juice, jam and other liquid materials.


Technical Parameters




380V、 1KW



Filling time


Filling Precision



0.3Mpa 50KG/h




1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the main control components are Siemens, Omron, Schneider or equivalent brands.

2. Measurement method: The measurement method of German Cologne flowmeter is adopted, and the filling volume error is ≤0.5%.

3. Compact structure, reasonable process, smooth pipeline, safe and reliable, and capable of long-term operation.

4. All connections adopt steam protection measures to avoid pollution sources. The food has a long shelf life and can be stored for more than 1 year at room temperature.

5. Humanized design, convenient operation, visual and controllable man-machine dialogue platform, full computer program control, divided into manual operation, automatic operation, realization of coordinated work, and continuous production.

6. The ketchup filled by the aseptic filling machine has a long shelf life and has a unique process. The taste, nutrition and color of the food are rarely affected.

It is also possible to customize a sterilization machine with a multi-head aseptic filling machine for filling according to customer needs, which is convenient for use with a large-capacity sterilization machine. (Such as one machine with single head, one machine with double heads, one machine with four heads, etc.)

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