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Types of Tomato Sorting Machine-Size and Weight

Tomato is a common vegetable widely used in various dishes and food processing. In the processing of tomatoes, sorting is an essential part. So how to sort tomatoes? What are the commonly used tomato sorting machines? The common types of tomato sorting machine are mainly size sorting machine and weight sorting machine.


Size sorting machine:

A size sorting machine is a machine that classifies tomatoes into different grades based on their size. This type of machine usually conveys the tomatoes to the grading area by means of a conveyor belt or rollers and then sorts the tomatoes by the size of the spacing between the rollers.

tomato sroting machine 

The advantages of size sorting machine are:

Automation: the size sorting is able to automate the grading process, increasing productivity.

High accuracy: it ensures that each grade of tomato has a similar size.

Wide applicability: Size sorting can be applied to different types and varieties of tomatoes.


Weight sorting machine:

A weight sorting machine is a machine that categorizes tomatoes into different grades based on their weight. These machines typically use load cells to measure the weight of the tomatoes and categorize them according to a preset weight range. Like the size sorting machine, the weight sorting machine can also be equipped with a conveyor belt or conveyor system to transport the tomatoes.


Advantages of weight sorting machine:

High efficiency: weight machine can classify tomatoes quickly and accurately.

Wide applicability: size-independent, suitable for tomatoes of all shapes and sizes.

High accuracy: the load cell allows for more precise grading, ensuring that the tomatoes are of similar quality in each grade.


Both size and weight sorting machine are commonly used in tomato processing. Size sorting are used in situations where tomatoes need to be sorted by size, while weight sorting are used in situations where tomatoes need to be sorted by weight. Regardless of the type of classifier, they greatly improve the efficiency and quality of tomato processing and play an important role in agricultural production.

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