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Conveyor Belt Cherry Tomato Sorting Grading Machine

Model GG
Capacity 1t/h
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 2100×600×800mm

The automatic tomato sorting machine's conveyor belt is made of silicone rubber material, it's not only has good toughness, overcomes the disadvantages of easy cracking, breaking and aging of the conveyor belt, but also not easy to damage the cherry tomatoes with thin skin and thick flesh during the screening process. Screening effect is uniform. The V-shaped grooves are separated by rod bushings, which can easily adjust the distance of the conveyor belt, and achieve the effect of one machine with multiple functions (cherry tomatoes, garlic, dates fruit, gray jujube, golden jujube, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, oranges, sugar oranges, lychees, longan and other small fruits and vegetables), fruits and vegetables can be divided into 4-7 grades according to the diameter of the fruits and vegetables, and the fruits are selected evenly and the grades are fine.


Technical Parameters

Automatic Tomato Sorting Machine Parameter












Cherry Tomato Sorting Machine Advantages

Low noise and energy saving

Ultra-quiet motor, low noise does not disturb people;

Efficient work

High-efficiency operation, sorting speed 1 machine is equal to 10 people;

Wide range of applications

Multifunctional, suitable for passion fruit, orange, straw mushroom, longan and longan, etc.;

Quick fine-tuning

By moving the position of the aluminum slot bracket back and forth, the track spacing can be quickly adjusted;

Topping fruit plate

Beveled edge design, no fruit jam, widened fruit plate, 10 cm wider than the same product, more material;

Does not hurt the fruit

Soft cloth is laid in the fruit bin, and the soft track made of silicone can ensure that fruits and vegetables are not bumped to the greatest extent;

Here is the cherry tomato sorting machine testing in our factory youtube video for your reference!!


Tomato Grading Machine Features

1. The number of grades can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the size of grades can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2. It adopts all-copper motor, 220v/380v are available, and new speed regulation models are added.

3. The working track adopts food-grade silicone belt, which is full of elasticity, harmless and anti-aging.

4. All the parts in contact with the tomatoes are thickened and soft-packed, the grading process does not hurt the fruit, and the grading size can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. Made of all stainless steel, the high-hardness body does not change shape, the equipment is strong and durable, and it is equipped with a large fruit tray for feeding (you can choose to load on the side of the machine or on the top of the machine), you can pick bad fruits, Multi-purpose machine.

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