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How to Make Tomato Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes?

Tomato sauce is a popular condiment that is often used in a variety of cuisines. Producing high-quality tomato sauce requires strict processes and steps. How to make tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes? This article will introduce the process from fresh tomatoes to tomato sauce in detail.

fresh tomato to tomato sauce 

Step 1.Washing

Before fresh tomatoes enter the tomato sauce production line, they need to be thoroughly washed. This step is critical because it can remove dirt, pesticide residues and other impurities on the surface of the tomatoes. Usually, factories use a running water washing system to repeatedly rinse the tomatoes in running water. Some factories also use a spray washing system to wash the tomatoes with high-pressure water to ensure that every tomato is clean and free of dirt.


Step 2.Crushing

After washing, tomatoes need to be crushed. The crusher cuts the whole tomato into small pieces, making subsequent processing smoother. The purpose of crushing is to break the cell structure of the tomato, release the internal juice and seeds, and prepare for the subsequent pulping step.


Step 3.Pulping

During the pulping stage, the crushed tomato pieces are fed into a pulping machine. The pulping machine uses high-speed rotating blades to further break up the tomato pieces into a uniform tomato pulp. During this process, the tomato skins and seeds are usually filtered out, leaving only a smooth pulp. The pulped tomato pulp is the basis of ketchup and determines the taste and quality of the finished product.


Step 4.Mixing

After pulping, the tomato pulp needs to be mixed, that is, adding appropriate amounts of salt, sugar, vinegar and other condiments according to the recipe. This step can not only enhance the flavor of the tomato sauce, but also adjust its pH and viscosity. Factories usually use large mixing tanks to evenly add various condiments during the mixing process to ensure that each batch of tomato sauce has a consistent taste and quality.


Step 5.Concentration

The prepared tomato sauce needs to be concentrated to remove excess water and reach the desired consistency. Concentration is usually carried out in a vacuum concentrator. By reducing the ambient pressure, the water can evaporate at a lower temperature, thereby retaining more tomato flavor and nutrients. The concentrated tomato sauce will become thicker and have a strong tomato aroma.


Step 6.Sterilization

The concentrated tomato sauce needs to be sterilized to ensure that it is not contaminated by microorganisms during storage and transportation. Factories usually use high temperature sterilization to quickly heat the tomato sauce to a specified temperature and keep it for a period of time to completely kill the microorganisms in it. The sterilized tomato sauce needs to be cooled quickly to maintain its quality and flavor.


Step 7.Filling

The last step is to fill the sterilized tomato sauce. The factory uses automated filling equipment to accurately fill the tomato sauce into pre-sterilized bottles or cans. After filling, the container is sealed to prevent the entry of external air and microorganisms. The sealed tomato sauce needs to be sterilized again to ensure the safety and stability of the product during its shelf life.


From fresh tomatoes to delicious tomato sauce, every step is crucial. In order to ensure the quality of the final product, factories often use fully automatic tomato sauce production lines to complete the production of tomato sauce, thereby reducing manual contact.

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